This is Matilda Pea.
We just invented her, Tessie and me, and we’ve invited her to stay for awhile.
Cause that’s the mood we’re in now that I’ve figured out how to ensure that my children never have to worry about money.
Forever stamps.
This came to me as I was mailing Christmas cards this week, so I’m cashing in Dan’s retirement fund and putting it all in Forever stamps, jillions of them.  Because at some point they’ll raise the price of stamps considerably and then blam, we’ll lay down our stash and sell to the highest bidder.  Isn’t this sort of how the stock market works?  I even checked the fine print to see if there’s a statute of limitations and there isn’t, so what’s to stop people from doing this?  Buy low, sell high.  I’m in stamps.  Now, granted it may take several generations for the price of stamps to rise enough to make it worth it, but at some point the Forever stamp will be super cheap postage and then we’ll be in the green.  It’s all part of the entrepreneurial spirit I get from my dad (you know who you are).  
Just thinking a lot about money these days as I finish up my Christmas shopping and feel really crappy about it, thank you very much Francis Chan.  But that’s another blog entry and one I don’t have time for right now, but it’s coming, I promise.  Because we wrapped up our study of  Crazy Love this week and I have so much to share.  And because I’m resolving to post more often, I’ll probably even do it.  May even go back to older posts and find every one that says “more on that later” and follow through.  Cause that’s the kind of girl I am.  Or trying to be.
Until then, Forever stamps…play the postal stock market.

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