Whatever you think about Halloween, you have to admit that this is one cute bear.
And this very caucasian looking China girl who would have worn anything for the privilege of makeup.  Someone actually asked if she was a Geisha, which of course is a high-end Chinese prostitute, and instead of asking if he was dressed up like a jackass or if that was his normal persona, I smiled and said, “Not really.”
And this kid who you can joke about crashing to until you’re blue in the face and he still won’t get it because he’s eight and he doesn’t care.  But you’ll still think it’s funny so you’ll keep them rolling and eventually he’ll just walk away and sit by someone else.  And while necessity may be the mother of invention, frugality is it’s slightly cooler older brother.  The one who throws a kid a roll of duct tape and a boot box and tells him he was made for costuming.
And the squishiest, yummiest knight ever who will run to every house in his sweet shuffling gait and with his cape billowing out behind him until someone steps on it and nearly kills him.  Then he’ll just keep running.  Eye on the prize, man.  Eye on the prize.
After trick or treating on Saturday with the best neighbors ever (you know who you are) and some dear friends (you do too), we spent Sunday going to the dogs.  Gastronomic Sodom and Gomorrah only ended near dinner time when I forced Everything soup down their throats, in one fell swoop quadrupling their veggie intake for the day.  Now everyone is ignoring their treat bags, except Lucy who is still basking in the afterglow of a night where adults willingly handed over (and unwrapped) copious amounts of candy without a fuss.  
So, whatever you think about Halloween, these were the best people to spend it with.

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