One of the kids asked me yesterday what my favorite part of our trip to San Francisco was as I was pinning them to the floor and plastering their sweet faces with five days worth of prorated sugar.  Thought about it today looking at the few pictures we took and decided it wasn’t the Blue Angels whooping it up for Fleet Week and the fact that we happened to be on Alcatraz at the time and consequently had the best seat in the house.  
So my favorite part of San Francisco wasn’t the Blue Angels.
Nor was my favorite part going across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Because we never actually made it across the Golden Gate bridge.  Missed our dinner in Sausalito entirely because we were stuck in public transit hell trying to find the Lego store in San Mateo, which was a total bust.  Missed it because we were en route back to the city proper with every Giants fan within a fifty mile radius (and maybe farther) on their way to see the second Giants vs. Braves game in the playoffs.  But we decided it doesn’t really have anything more to offer than our own Mackinaw Bridge except some red paint.  
So my favorite part of San Francisco wasn’t the Golden Gate Bridge.
And it wasn’t Alcatraz, although that was really cool.  Really cool.  For a history buff like myself and a lover of old things like myself it was really.  Cool.  The audio tour was very informative, the weather was perfect and each stage of the audio tour was punctuated by the sound of the Blue Angels flying over head.  The warmth and beauty outside a direct contrast to the stark ugliness inside.  Alcatraz was just cool.
But Alcatraz wasn’t my favorite part of San Francisco.
And it wasn’t my new favorite pink place in the entire world: Crown and Crumpet.  This tea shop owned by a British expat (who in the world leaves Britain for California?) and is lavish and comfy and has the most delightfully written menu that is witty and cheeky and everything that is good in writing.  There are big armchairs pulled up next to a fireplace and flanked by vintage children’s book covers in frames.  There are tables groaning with the weight of British magazines (and you know how I love me some British magazines) and glass apothecary jars filled with colorful candies and the sweetest little corner where they sell the most delightful what-nots and monogrammed tea cups.  So the next time you come over for tea, I may let you use mine instead of the requisite Dan Vos Construction mug, which we only have because they were free and are indestructible for hot cocoa on cold days.  I love love love Crown and Crumpet.  Love it so much I wanted to never leave and have our babysitter (you know who you are) ship the kids so they could live there with me.  But I didn’t.  I left.  Cause it wasn’t my favorite part of San Francisco.  It was close.  But it wasn’t my favorite.
So many lovely things about five days in San Francisco, but the loveliest of them all was sitting across from my husband in Ghiradelli square on our first luncheon there and reintroducing myself.
Hi.  My name is Megan.  I enjoy long walks in the city, reading by the fire, and I’m pretty in love with your kids.  Your eyes are the greatest shade of amber and they are so kind and I’ve missed having time to just look into them and lose myself there.  My hobbies are writing, sewing and reading but I don’t do any of them nearly enough because I don’t always prioritize my time very well.  But the thing I’m learning to do better, that I’m really focusing on is being your wife and making sure that you get enough of me each day, which is nearly impossible, I realize.  And I’m loving what God is doing in you and having front row seats for that show, cause Barnum and Bailey has it all wrong.  They aren’t the greatest show on earth.  Watching God transform a life and getting to be a part of it?  That’s the greatest show on earth.  And I’m sorry for the million and seven times I’ve failed you by putting everything else first and you last, but I’m here now and I’m breathing deeply and this.  THIS.  Is my favorite part of San Francisco.  You were my favorite part of San Francisco.


9 Replies to “back.”

  1. Nothing you ever do, or say will be more valuable than the gift you are giving Dan. If more wives respected, affirmed and loved their husbands in that way, we would have stronger families.

    love you deep


  2. Wow, I’ve got quite a paradox going here. I am sitting here watching a show called Trick My Truck, on CMT (country music television) where two rednecks obviously trick someone’s truck…and I’m weeping like a little baby. Not because of the rednecks who are putting barco-loungers in a travel trailer, but because of Megan who just told us about her favorite part of San Fran. Meg, you are an inspiration to many. I love you, love you, love you…seriously.


  3. Honey, don't you know by now that nothing good can come of watching anything starting with “Trick my…” and that country singers make terrible crossover artists? Although I'm warming up to the barco in a trailer idea…
    ily big.m


  4. I'm so glad you two got a get-away.
    The tea house sounds awesome.
    I'm inspired by your love for your hubby.
    (PS I've been on bedrest for 3 weeks. baby girl muller will be here soon!)


  5. Hi Meg!

    Its, Merideth, Jen's sister! she shared your blog link with me! It is really great! I would love to catch up with you when we are in Michigan this summer :). By the way…It looks like you hit some great spots in SF!


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