Last night at an awards dinner attended by far too many construction personnel wearing suits for any of us to be comfortable, my husband was awarded the first ever Contractor of the Year award given by ASAM, which is actually not American Society for Addiction Medicine, even though that’s what comes up when you google it.  American Subcontractors Association of Michigan is comprised of all the people we work with to erect a building: electricians, plumbers, concrete guys, etc…, who nominated Dan Vos Construction Company based on strict criteria like how well supervised our jobs are, the quality of our workmanship and our bid ethics and practice.  It’s the equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards.  Nominated by our peers and voted for by our peers.  And he won.  
So we go to this fantastic place called the Goei Center in a neighborhood where little that is fantastic ever happens, making the Goei Center all the more wonderful.  And we ate really delicious food and met the owner, Bing Goei, who definitely has my vote for State Representative in November’s elections, if for no other reason than that he’s asian and speaks fluent Dutch.  And there was even an envelope:

Which made me realize how thankful I am that my husband is in construction and not entertainment because I held my breath while it was being open and if they’d fumbled it at all, I’d have passed out.  And then there was a flurry of applause, a standing ovation, lots of photog flashes and a quick acceptance speech in which he forgot to mention both his lovely wife and the academy, but it was still gracious and good.  And there was this award which I photographed in the kids bath cause it’s the only well lit place in our home at 3 am.  It’s exquisite.  The award, not our kid’s bathroom.

Nine bronze figures, one of them a woman we named Linda based on her little bronze breasts and the fact that she appears to be holding a teeny can of hairspray in her tool belt (not really), all willing to go the distance for the tenth, a general contractor.  Our own mini art installation.  And they gave us a banner that we briefly considered draping from the back of the suburban and riding all over tarnation cause we were so proud, but we didn’t.   Instead we stopped at the office and set it up right inside the door where all the employees will see it first thing: Contractor of the Year, along with a giant love note from Dan.
And other people once they got through the lines of well wishers and press people asking how they’d like to be named in the release would have gone out to celebrate, but we headed home (after not being able to break a twenty and having to admit the Contractor of the Year needed to borrow a fiver to tip the valet) so we wouldn’t have to pay another $12.  But there will be lots of celebrations in the next days.  It’s a big deal and a huge big honor and there are loads of people who need to be acknowledged and thanked, so for now this is me.  At three twenty four.  Being really proud of my man. And wondering if a press junket isn’t too much to hope for and if it could start in Britain.


3 Replies to “win.”

  1. It is a big deal, and a huge honor, so for now this is me the mother-in-law being over the top proud of my son-in-love and saying in my book he will always be contractor of the year, father of the year, husband of the year, and tied for son-in-law of the year with Tony, Brad, and OK.

    I respect so very much who God is growing you into Dan!!!!!

    love you deep


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