After the rain spoilt our plans for an afternoon swim, we took to the road in search of something to do.  And ended up in  Newaygo at my mom in law’s fabric and yarn shop to stock up on projects.  The car just seemed to go there of it’s own accord.  And aside from being perhaps the warmest, most welcoming shop in the world, it has a huge selection of fun fabrics and notions and I needed that yesterday.  So, the kids each got to pick out two fabrics, courtesy of Grandma, which were promptly turned into new pillow cases for sleeping with last night.  Probably the easiest sewing project and, in just under fifteen minutes each, the quickest too.  And, thanks to my sister in law who hated every math course she ever took and yet is an absolute whiz at figuring yardage and the geometry of patterns, all our little bundles came neatly labeled and tied with pretty red ribbon.  I love people who pay attention to detail.
Three new pillowcases for three sleepy adventurers.  Lulu’s will have to wait.   
This is going to be an egg collecting apron when it grows up:
And this is going to be a quilt someday:
Oh, and I finally replaced my magnetic needle holder after years of having the magnets fall out and the pins spill everywhere.  Best thirteen bucks I’ve spent in a long time.
So here’s my plug for The New Ewe in Newaygo (google it for driving directions): it’s not just a store, it’s an excuse to get out of the house, see the poopy credit billboard for yourself and make your kids laugh in the process.  And while you’re there you can get everything you need for your next project.  Mention my name and this blog and get no discount, but who can put a price on fun?

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