Out of the blue, or perhaps due to the intervention of our favorite neighbors (you know who you are), another neighbor drove up and offered to take our two roosters off our hands.  So this is my can’t-even-feign-sadness-cause-if-I-never-hear-you-crow-again-it’ll-be-too-soon-you-rotten-birds-and-take-your-always-trying-to-mount-my-hens-and-terrorizing-my-children-selves-away-from-here-goodbye to 
this Kevin:
and this Kevin:
Uh, I am the teeniest bit sorry about this Kevin’s tail.  It used to have long, iridescent, greenish blue feathers that made him look venerable and distinguished, but Dan pulled them all out trying to catch them for these pictures and now he just looks stupid.  But I only feel a crumb of sadness about it and mostly his stupidness makes me feel much better that he’s no longer in our herd.
Chicks only.
No boys allowed.
You’re out of the herd.
Eleven Kevins.
One smiling mom.
Being real (happy).

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