The Norwegians have been home for six days now and we couldn’t be happier.  My sister and brother in law live on a magical island off the coast of Norway in a magical house at the foot of a magical mountain my sister has climbed 67 times since Easter (it’s easy to keep track of this when you have a magical little box on top of the magical mountain in which is kept a magical notebook and a perfectly ordinary pen so that you can log your visits to the top).  They are only here for two weeks, so we’re sucking the marrow out of their visit.  In this brief lull while the kids are outside catching ants for Peter’s ant farm, I’m remembering the million and four things we’ve done lately.  We’ve…

Continued Tessie’s riding lessons every Wednesday morning, even while reminding her fourteen times a day that she’s likely not getting a pony for her fifth birthday next month.  This will have to do for a while:
Dressing little girls up in paper and ribbons at a bridal shower for my cousin who is getting married in a couple weeks and making us all sigh at the thought:
Eating Norwegian candy like gummy mens and marshmallow cars.  Things we look forward to all year. But not as much as being with the people who bring them to us.
Being at Nana and Papa’s beach with cousins and dogs and sand between our toes.
Eating yummy things like first fudgesicles at Aunt Molly’s stone cottage:
Taking care of Uncle Ty’s new puppy and, despite 8 pee accidents and a chewed up pair of flip flops (not my Havaianas, thank goodness), sort of thinking about getting a puppy of our own.  Sort of.
The boys are both off to camp cousin tomorrow for a couple days of latrine building and dirty socks with Papa and Uncle Ole-Kristian (Uncle O.K.).  More about that later.
So if we are a bit distant for the next week or so, please excuse us.  We’re enjoying time with family who are more precious to us than just about anything and with whom time is fleeting when we can only be together two weeks out of the year.  Hope you are enjoying your family these days too.


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