She did it.  She got married.  Despite my asking her not to because I wasn’t ready for it.  But she was.  And so was he.  And so they did it.  Together.

To set the stage, we met Kristin and Christy at church one spring day when Tess was being baptized.  They tell the story with relish, remembering how Grant and Peter were both holding themselves and saying, loudly, that they had to go potty.  They remarked how cute the kids were and then introduced themselves to us after church as asked if we ever needed babysitters.  Which we did, badly, as we were leaving them for one of the first times overnight to go to Boston on business and I had been praying that God would show me who was capable for the job.  There they were.  We test drove them, fell in love and they became our girls.  They have stayed with our kids no fewer than eight times while we’ve traveled.  Now they are both married, something Dan is still not ok with and we got to go along for the ride.  It was heavenly.

first there was this magical bedroom in an equally magical cottage that the bride’s family so generously invited us to stay in for the night:
a storm during rehearsal dinner knocked out the power, so we lit a bunch of candles, turned on Dan’s computer and listened to the game as the storm raged outside.  lucy was wretched and awake most of the night, but we still love her.
then after a day of fishing and swimming and getting hair done and buying first lip glosses and eating mac donalds outside, we threw everyone in the shower and began getting kids geared up.  these socks were our nod to kristin and tylor who are both farmers kids. 
we made it safely through the wedding with only one bum-itching incident which was actually very funny and sort of cute and i cried when i saw kristin for the first time.  she was so beautiful and serene. 
the reception was in a huge white tent with paper lanterns and wild flowers in milk bottles and an old bike with wild flowers spilling out of the basket and an antique hay wagon for gifts and a million other details that i forgot to take pictures of.  but it was beautiful.
these are our girls.  that’s christy on the left and kristin on the right.  best friends and best babysitters.  our kids adore them.  so do we.
grant sitting on his ring bearer pillow waiting for pictures to end.
you have to understand this family and their farm to get how great this was.  they are, quite simply, some of our favorite people.  salt of the earth.  and their acres and acres of blueberry crops are beautiful.  and then there was this fancy tent plunked right down in the middle of it.  and the whole family, who we’ve spent lots of time with, welcomed us and made us feel like we are a part of their family which we sort of wish we were.  
and kristin makes the world’s best jam which she sells in their farm market.  they gave away little jars of it at the reception and tessie, who crushes on kristin’s jam whenever she brings it over, took her little flower girl basket and collected jars from tables as people left them.  22 jars of jam we ended up with.  i’m embarrassed.  pam, i’m embarrassed.  and sort of glad cause it is really yummy.  we had jam bread for breakfast this morning.  we’ll probably have it tomorrow morning too. 
there are not many wedding receptions during which kids (and their mothers) can run into the fields and pick fresh blueberries off the bushes, pop them in their mouths and do it again and again, but this was one of those receptions.




which is how our formal wear became trashed.  alexa claire boutique and tux shop in portage will have to work that one out.  two little boys tuxes will be delivered to them in a large black trash bag tomorrow. sorry.
but who can stop this kid from kneeling in the dirt and harvesting some fresh berries?  not me.  he can do whatever he wants with those chocolate eyes and clip on tie.
so can this kid, curly lips and all.
and this one.
yup.  this one too.
so if you’re ever in paw paw, the town so nice they named it twice, stop into fritz’s blueberry stand and get a piece of blueberry pie a la mode and some fresh berries and a jar of jam and stay to look on the waves of heat undulating over the bushes and ripening those little bits of blue goodness.  and ask for kristin, but call her mrs. kubiszak cause she’ll love that.   and maybe could you remind her that the vos’ from ada lurve her and are so thankful we got to share this weekend with her?  i’m not sure we remembered to tell her.  our mouths were too full…

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