With the first two days of summer being a bust in the weather department and Tessie doing the pookas all day Sunday, we’re having a quick study in how to squelch summer boredom before it sets in, sometime successfully, sometimes not.

there’s been structure building for father’s day.
this is amway world headquarters.
peter is supposed to be building the distribution center.
notice the survival guides in the foreground.  they were our foremost authority on rabbit snares yesterday.

tessie’s done a lot of this.  poor kid.

there is rocky the turtle we saved in a ziplock from being smashed in the middle of the road this morning on our way home from a friends house (you know who you are)
he could be the guy who finally nulls my strict no amphibian or reptiles as pets rule.
but probably not.

there’s been a new marble jar instituted around here.  fill it up and earn your choice of a sleepover, $10.00 cash or a date with mom or dad and no siblings.   well worth it considering how many times i’ve had to unload the dishwasher this last week: 0.  
i’ve told them the jobs will change weekly and i’m wondering how far i can push it.  like can i get someone to throw a couple marbles to the first kid who is willing to spray egg putrefaction on the hydrangeas so the deer don’t eat them?  or how about a handful to the one who takes the job of reminding me everyday to sunscreen the family so they don’t grow up and have skin cancer?  i’d pay for those things.  but for now we’ll stick to laundry and toys and dishes and reading.  oh yes, i’m paying marbles for reading in honor of grant who tells me regularly that he hates reading.  which around here is tantamount to saying jesus was just a nice guy, not the messiah.

lulu has spent her days growing silkier, longer, curlier, even more fabulous hair.  but you can’t see it because she’s sleeping and i’m not waking her up.  sorry.

and we’ve done a fair bit of this too, i’ll admit.

there is this weird period of the very beginning of summer that feels like we’re getting reacquainted and sometimes that it’s not going well.  there is a lot of fighting and pettiness and general squalor and i find myself asking me a million times a day if it’s going to be like this all summer and, if so, how i’ll ever survive.  but it’ll iron itself out.  i see that during our rest time in the afternoon when everyone has a couple books and we’re all lounging in our comfy spots being peaceful and quiet.  and i see that in the way the kids are right now upstairs playing veterinary clinic with the soft guys and getting along famously.  glimpses of wonderment liberally sprinkled in between moments of crazy.  we’re all tired right now and still excited from all the rites of passage performed in the course of changing from one grade to another and leaving and saying goodbye to routine and hello to flip flops and sleeping in.  
it doesn’t help that i keep waking up in the night wondering what thing peter is going to do in our sitter’s wedding this weekend that’ll cause us undue embarrassment.  i’m pretty sure tessie will itch her bum up front if only she can find it through the layers of puddling tulle and i suspect peter may scratch his balls (his words, not mine) if given half the chance, although i will probably be too preoccupied stuffing kleenex into my pits to stanch the flow of sweat and keeping lucy from eating the flowers off her dress to really worry about it.  at least i can count on grant being a perfect gentleman in his tux and curly lip.  i’m deciding right now not to worry about it anymore.  it will be what it will be and at the end of the day dear kristin will be married and i’ll have lost my last fabulous sitter but i’ll be so happy for her because her fiance loves her and loves jesus and she deserves every happiness in the world.  even if comes at the cost of my reputation and sanity.  it’s worth it.  it’s summer.
look for a list of summer must-reads coming soon.

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