I just tried The Redheads Pesto Hummus from furriest foods (Forest Hills Foods) for the first time.  I want to marry it and have its babies.  Sorry honey, but I do.  It was good enough to distract me from the argument I was having with Tess over not wearing her bathing suit backwards to the pool party since she looked like Farrah Fawcett when she was pinup girl.  Good enough to  put down Lucy’s birthday invitations and escape into a world where nothing existed but me and my flour tortilla with hummus and a slice of swiss cheese all wrapped into a roll of tangy goodness that will keep me from eating the crap I’m going to feed my kids at MacDonalds in a little bit.  Better’n fries.  It’s that good.  
Incidentally, The RedHeads also make a killer veggie burger that only my sister (you know who you are) and I like and that we can only find in Harbor Springs, which is a really long drive for a veggie burger, but totally worth it if you stay long enough to spend a cozy weekend crammed into a house with twenty something of your favorite family members.  Anyway, now that I’ve made the connection, I’m wondering if they sell the veggie burgers at furriest foods too.  Rambling.   Thanks to Andrea who turned me on to pesto hummus.  You’re my new bestie.
Thirty minutes until we’re free.  Just my new pesto hummus and my kids and my husband and thirteen kevins and a keloid scar named steve.  That’s all I need.

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