While making blueberry pampcakes last weekend, I decided this was the new color I’m madly in love with:
It’s the color you get when you mix frozen blueberries into pampcake batter and stir just a bit.  
Look, I told the kids.  Look at this amazing color.  Shouldn’t we paint our family room this color? 
They just pounded their forks on the counter and said, feed us woman. 
It’s a warm blue with the merest hint of purple and I want to swim in it.  It’s a little smokey and mysterious too.  One of those colors that shifts with the light and wraps itself around you to make you feel cozy.  
It’s that good.
Editors of Living etc., if you’re reading this take note.  This is the new black.  I expect it on the cover next month.  
It’ll be fabulous.

One Reply to “blue.”

  1. reminds me of the summer I was laid out growing triplets in my belly. I couldn't get enough of teh BLUE ske above Lake MI and so I spent hours trying to match just the right paint chip to it.


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