This boy just finished a very fun unit on Pioneers which happens to be one my favorite periods of history, a fact I told him over and over as I dropped little tidbits of extraneous information in an effort to complement what was being learned at school.  He eschewed my efforts, scorned the boxful of books I bought on the subject and laughed when I spent an hour putting wheat berries into teeny bags for a pioneer snack.  He did, however, love building his log cabin (even if he refused to add the playmobile covered wagon I bought for detail to the tableau).
Oh, yum.
He also spent a day at the one room school house at Fallasburg Park.  Loved the overalls, hated the outhouse, loved the well with pump, hated the MacGuffey Readers.
Picked out his costume himself, borrowing the overalls from Peter’s schicken costume and shrugging his shoulders when I questioned the accuracy of Converse HiTops.
Was so determined to bring his lunch in a bandana tied to a stick that he only brought a cheese stick and an apple.  Hungry boy.  Enter mommy stage right.  Saves the day.
Drove my Conestoga right through MacDonalds and got that there boy a Big Mac.  Tried to order well water in a crock.  Got ugly look from high school dropout working the line.  Settled for a chocolate milk.  I love this unit.  And the fact that I have two years in which to build up my store of supplemental materials so I can really bombard Peter with it.
If you’re into pioneers, get your hands on These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner, the first in a riveting trilogy about Arizonian settlers that will leave you adding such words as reckon and receipt to your vernacular.  You’ll love them.
Oh Pioneers.

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