Freth Eggs Here (spelling courtesy Peter)
Ego centricity aside, this is the best “s” she’s ever written.
“Wook!  It’s pewfict.”
“Seriously, dude, that’s the best orange “s” in the whole wide world.”
Our neighbor Jay-dub (nickname courtesy me since he remarked last week that all my kids have numerous nicknames and we only ever call him Jake).  He can claim ownership of our flock since the kids gave him a chick of his own, Patty (aka Kevin).
The “Sign Makah” complete with red marker scratches on his freckly cheeks from a falcon fight he and Peter had after making claws out of these crazy long q-tip things I ripped off from the ER during hour 3 of trying to keep my baby happy while being poked and prodded (but that’s another story).  

After umpteen hours of staining and painting while lugging Lucy around in her baby carrier thing, I was too tired to do anything other than throw an old chicken casserole on the table outside and tell them in a falsely cheerful voice they could stick the pieces on a skewer and cook em over the fire.  No one bought it.
Then, later, when the kids had destroyed the bathroom with toothpaste (more on that later) I dragged my sorry self up to their bedroom to find their stuffed animals thrown all over the place.  Again.   I turned into Mommy Dearest.
“I detest soft guys (we don’t say hate, but I have a thesaurus).”
“Soft guys must be the stupidest toys ever created (we don’t say that either, but I was too tired to consult my thesaurus).”
“I’m gonna throw every soft guy in this house in the trash if I have to pick them up one more time.”
Peter “Then will you buy us new ones for our birthdays?”
“Never.  I’ll never buy another soft guy again.  Ever.  (not true.  The guilt alone from last night may drive me to welsh on this).
One look at their stricken faces and I was asking forgiveness and agreeing to two chapters of Harry Potter instead of one.  

Came downstairs and found Dan in the tub, soaking his sore muscles, and watching the Tigers on his laptop.
I went looking for my happy place in the monster bed with my book and a bowl of dry Cinnamon Life (current fav dry cereal-more on this later).
I’ll post pics of the finished coop when I get my second wind.  Again.

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