If I were writing a book about my life, this chapter would be called “Gravy is Stupid” (even though we don’t say that.  But it is.  Stupid.)  I rarely eat meat, but am raising at least one carnivore and sleep every night with another and they both love gravy.  Grant reminded me yesterday that he never got a I-get-to-pick-whatever-I-want-for-dinner-cause-it’s-my-birthday dinner, so I took his request: roast beast with gravy, potato casserole and strawberries and went to town.  Except I cannot make gravy.  Cannot.  Make.  Gravy. I have Allrecipes on my computer right here in the kitchen and have consulted it often, but the closest I can come is gravy flavored jello that falls out of the gravy boat in one gelatinous gloop while Peter and I look on in horror.  Tonight it was too runny even though I followed the recipe to a t.  Even with the aid of my new fat separator from a dear friend who feels my pain, but has her own issues with meat (you know who you are), I can’t do it.  But I’m taking it to the mattress because the menfolk are asking for it and I like to please, so if you have any tips, pass them along.  Until then…gravy is stupid.


One Reply to “gravy.”

  1. dear Gravy Is Stupid,

    I simply boil the fatty liquid left over from roasting the meat and when it's boiling I sprinkle flour into it and whisk vigorously until it thickens to my liking. (You can also purchase “Wondra” which is a flour that my dad swears by for non-lumpy gravy but since I do not feel the need to clutter my cupboard with extra things I just use plain old flour.) Once it's thick enough I then pour it into my gravy boat through one of those small strainers that catches the lumps nicely This 'recipe' is tried and true and has the seal of approval from my very HM foodie husband.
    Hope that helps!
    yours truly,
    Miss Lazy Gravy-Maker. 😉


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